Posted on Sep 27, 2017

S. Bilsker and Associates

What Is Hypnotherapy?
Milton Erickson, M.D., the father of modern day hypnotherapy had a lot of trouble with that question, probably because it had a lot of definitions and no one has really determined if there is one single definition. One of my favorite definitions is, “a process where people are helped to utilize their own mental association, memories, and life potentials to achieve their own therapeutic goals.” Hypnosis is a naturalistic experience. We are accessing and utilizing our own inner resources to learn more about who we are and hopefully utilize that information in a creative way.
Have you ever watched a really good movie and became so thoroughly absorbed that 2 hours seemed like half an hour. That was hypnosis. Skilled storytellers are very good hypnotists for the same reason. They draw you in to the story. Kids quite often go into hypnosis when they do things like play with their Barbies or other toys. As you can see it is a state of highly focused attention where what is going on around you doesn’t seem very important. The interesting thing about the state of hypnosis is that you’re never really “out of it”. You are just simply deeply relaxed and focused usually inward. It is not unusual as I have shown above that it is a state that we move through for periods throughout the day.
The reason this state can be so beneficial to our mental and physical health seems to be that the body really enjoys that state of letting go and relaxing. It is an ideal internal en
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